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  • Anders Heimer

Breaking the isolation of the countryside

To try to make a difference, we decided together with the four farmers' associations to invite to this second phase 3 associations from the big city Neiva to try to break the isolation of the countryside and so small seeds of cooperation between city and country. Last year, these associations were invited to the project's public education activities and exchanges of experience, and now three of these have the opportunity to complete. The project now focuses on:

  • To develop a culture of peace and coexistence with human rights, leadership and democracy locally and within each association.

  • Leadership to lead processes in the local community. Increased awareness of gender equality as well as members' rights and obligations.

  • Practical activities with entrepreneurship and improvements in the methods for sustainable production of coffee and cocoa.

On the photo you can observe the contact that arose directly at our project meeting last Friday between Oliver from one of the cocoa associations and Paula, who is the leader of a student association that has an environment and climate as an interest. Oliver immediately invited the student association to visit and make study visits to the valley where they grow coffee and protect the water flow in las Ceibas, which supplies the entire Neiva with drinking water, ... as soon as the pandemic makes it possible.

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